LA reveals 32 logos (and counting) for 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Athletes, pop stars, actors and artists including Steven Harrington, Billie Eilish and Simone Manuel added their own ‘A’ to the “collection of voices” identity.

LA has revealed its logo for the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games, a chunky, bold logotype wherein the ‘A’ of LA is adaptable, and has – so far – 32 different iterations by various creators. The design team enlisted top athletes, actors, artists and pop stars alike to convey what the city means to them via their letterform, producing a vast range of aesthetically eclectic logos by huge names such as Alex Israel, Steven Harrington, Billie Eilish, Reese Witherspoon, Michael Johnson, Chloe Kim, Simone Manuel and Ezra Frech. They come together with the tagline “every ‘A’ tells a story” and there is a film accompanying each logo design, interviewing the designer about their interpretation of the brief.

The full list of contributors also includes Allyson Felix, Scout Bassett, Bobby Hundreds, Chaz Bojórquez, Alex Morgan, Lex Gillette, Joy Alvarez, Jamal Hill, Rachel Sumekh, Oz Sanchez, Lolo Spencer, Ibtihaj Muhammad, Dr. Woo, Aidan Kosaka, Adam Rippon, Gabby Douglas, Lilly Singh and Chantel Navarro. More are expected to be revealed in the run up to the Games. There are additional logos themed on the city’s visual heritage such as Street Art, Gradient Script and Varsity.

Steven Harrington’s ‘A’ features the illustrator’s signature goofy palm tree character snaking through the middle of the letter. He shares in his video that he grew up skateboarding and “strangely” pole vaulting, and that the ’84 Olympic Games were a big part of his life. In his design he wanted to explore the moment in a race when a runner is “breaking through that wall… it’s just this indescribable euphoria, and how does that translate towards image?”

Snowboarder Chloe Kim’s logo features snow clouds and gradients, conveying “winter and summer… bright, high energy, good vibes”. Runner Scout Bassett says her interlacing letterform “expresses the idea of infinite possibilities, potential and dreams. The Paralympic movement is growing in this country and we can use sport as a vehicle to change a lot of perceptions and lives.” Swimmer Simone Manuel’s ‘A’ emerges from a fountain of water and has a kaleidoscopic wave bursting through its centre.

Reese Witherspoon says her ‘A’ “explores the intersection of art and beauty. It reflects the colour of California poppies and the natural works of art all around us.” Billie Eilish’s uses the font from her own logo and comments in her film: “Who knows if that’s going to be relevant in my life in eight years, but… it’s all about pleasing your present self.”

Bobby Hundreds, founder of streetwear brand The Hundreds, depicts hands intertwined to create his ‘A’ aiming to convey that we are “the sum of all our parts” and what he calls LA’s greatest strength, “that we lead through diversity”.

Amy Gleeson, chief marketing officer for LA28, told AdAge that the logo “was created for the digital age… We knew our emblem would have to be reflective of the spirit of LA, but also look to the future.” The city is in the unusual position of having an extended prep time for its Games, with the 2024 and 2028 host cities both announced simultaneously for the first time back in 2017. On this, Gleeson adds that the challenge was “How do we keep something fresh and allow us to stay connected to people as we look to the horizon?”

According to Gleeson, the LA2028 organisers are working with multiple creative partners, including Works Collective, Stink Studios, Media Monks, Cashmere Agency and Giant Spoon, as well as Nike’s design team, from now until the Games.

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