Balmoral House

The house is located directly opposite Balmoral beach in Sydney. Central to the design is how the building contributes to its surroundings.

The initial design was inspired by a work by Isamu Noguchi, a sculpture that is a play on solid and void.

The building creates a framed window from the street, through a sculpture court, to the water view beyond. Art and views are shared with the street. 

Given the clients passion for art, they embraced conceiving of their home as a sculpture on the site.

The sculptural form was painstakingly reworked and shifted to solve the complexities of the site and the client’s functional brief.

Boxes shift orientation to respond to views, the sun and privacy requirements. 

There is a consistent minimalist, palette of natural textures, against which the colour and richness of art dominates to create a dynamic and warm interior.

Photography by Brett Boardman

Architecture & Design by Clinton Murray Architects (Lead) & Polly Harbison Design

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