Electric ANT Vehicle

PriestmanGoode designs electric autonomous network transit vehicle for Dromos Technologies

London-based design studio PriestmanGoode is working with autonomous network transit (ANT) company Dromos Technologies to develop an electric autonomous vehicle for high capacity urban transport.

PriestmanGoode was selected to develop the visual design for the vehicles following an international competition. The judges were impressed by the way PriestmanGoode had developed a modular vehicle with the user experience at its heart and that allows maximum flexibility of use.

The competition brief from Dromos was to design a safe, reliable and affordable vehicle around principles of innovation, modularity, sustainability, convenience, maintainability and versatility.

Dan Window, Creative Director at PriestmanGoode says ‘We designed the vehicle around the user. We thought about what types of passengers would use the vehicle, what they would carry, what they would do, what accessibility requirements they might have… it’s been designed from the inside out. Every element has been considered to ensure that Dromos is flexible and suitable for a wide range of users.’

PriestmanGoode describes the design as ‘approachable minimalism’. There are no extraneous elements, every detail serves a specific purpose. The design was created to be easy and efficient to manufacture, as well as maintain, and to enable maximum passenger comfort.

PriestmanGoode and Dromos Technologies are currently working on finalising the design for production.

See more at PriestmanGoode.com

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