Furry Artworks

Artist Murat Yıldırım has recreated some of the world’s most famous artworks in a new furry format using the latest digital rendering techniques. Each piece is immediately recognisable and the new tactile interpretation gives them a 3D quality that oozes warmth and charm.

We caught up with Murat and asked him to give us some background: “My name is Murat Yıldırım. I am an art director and illustrator based in Istanbul. I started work by drawing pictures first.”

“Actually, I was a painter for a long time. As modern art has become digital, I have transferred my basic painting knowledge to digital art. After doing digital illustrations for a while, I was curious about 3D art. I have been producing 3D works for about 2 years and I feel very good doing this. I like to produce pictorial compositions.”

“My most popular work “Furry Artworks” is that I think reproduction is common here by imitating the world’s most famous works.”

“In this abstract idea, I used feathers as a tool to move world-famous paintings forward. In this way, I combined the colors of all the pictures in an innovative and vibrant way.”

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