Designed by Winka Dubbeldam, INSCAPE is a novel meditation concept with a proto-space in Chelsea, New York.

The highlight is the “Dome Room”, a holistic enclosure that transforms one’s mood and state of being. While seeming like a simple space, it is actually a highly engineered immersive light and sound environment as well as a filtered air with aromatherapy.

The lighting is composed of a large LED ring at eye level and a smaller one around the oculus above, varying in color to help adjust and optimize the body’s circadian rhythms. Invisible speakers create a perfectly even sound space. 

The 6,000-sf ground floor space of INSCAPE also includes the “Alcove Room”, a spacious living room area and an artful retail concept. 

Dubbeldam has meditated since her early twenties and the client attributes the project’s success to her deep understanding of the practice.

Photography by Federica Carlet

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