Cape Cod House

The inspiration for the Cape Cod House is “fishing traps.” Wooden, weathered, and practical, they capture what’s of value and filter out what’s not. 

Located on the leeward side of Cape Cod, the Indian Neck spit is the location of this Modernist inspired beach house concept.

Nestled in pine forest and sand dunes looking out to the open water, the house is designed to experience seasonal vitality of the location.

A simple square of protected habitation, combining indoor and outdoor space under a canopy of lattice Cedar; existing Pitch Pines grow up through the structure providing additional shade.

Raised up off the sand, the platform of the house becomes the stage on which a basic set of rooms are arranged, with the principle spaces focused across the broad veranda to Cape Cod Bay.

A separate bunk-house with a partially enclosed outdoor shower protects the entrance from the rigors of wind and rain.

On the sides of the house angled cedar boards are providing privacy and shade from the rising and setting sun.

Renderings by Brian Messana

Architecture & Interior Design by Messana O’Rorke

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