* tat (noun) – anything that looks cheap, is of low quality, or in bad condition; junk, rubbish, debris, detritus, crap

tat* is a book about all the great stuff that usually gets thrown away – the kind of stuff that graphic designers secretly love to collect. In fact tat is a bit of a graphic designer’s curse. Walk into any design studio and you will see tat pinned to the walls or placed with loving care on top of a computer screen. Even the purist will have a secret cache hidden away somewhere.

Designer Andy Altmann has been collecting  tat for more than 30 years. He finds inspiration in the ordinary, and magic in the mundane. Finally he has decided to share his collection with the world.

Conceived and edited by Andy, this is the ultimate source book – the apotheosis of tat. It should find a place on every graphic designer’s desk.

Andy Altmann founded Why Not Associates in 1987, with fellow Royal College of Art graduates David Ellis and Howard Greenhalgh. Earlier this year, they closed the studio and Andy went solo – and tat* is the result of that new venture. Although he trained as a graphic designer, Andy’s work has taken him into the blurred boundaries of design and art.

Over the past 30 years he has worked on projects ranging from exhibition design to postage stamps, via advertising, publishing, television titles, commercials, corporate identity and large-scale public art.

His clients include the Royal Academy of Arts, Channel 4, V&A, Grace Jones, Pompidou Centre, Royal Mail, Nike, Paul Smith, Chris Ofili, Kobe Museum of Fashion, and Tate Modern. All his work is bound by a fundamental love of typography, research and experimentation. He has given numerous lectures on his work all around the world – from Siberia to Japan via Manchester!

tat* will be produced in a large-format hardback edition and will be released in the Spring, 2021 – more info click HERE

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