Remi Rough x Haig Club

Previous Haig Club collabs have sold out in <24 hours so if you’ve never been lucky enough for abstract art pioneer and legend Remi Rough to have taken on a wall near you, and you’re of legal drinking age, now’s the time to bring it home. This is the first time Remi’s art has been available to purchase on a whisky bottle and at £39.99, it’s so many thousands of pounds less than you’ll find another piece of his work. 

Remi Rough says “I love surprising people with intense colour and this design for the Haig Club bottle is no exception. Art is for everyone and people need colour in their lives more than ever right now.  I hope the collaboration continues to show how art can be enjoyed no matter the size or type of canvas”.

Remi Rough, born and raised in London, deals with visual words and forms, distilling fragments of the world around him into powerful abstract works. Remi’s paintings and large-scale murals are fused with a ‘street-wise’ energy and tension born from his early experiences as a young graffiti artist, painting walls and trains across the world.

Both colour and music have played important roles in Remi’s work and his instinctive use of colour and geometric form is best displayed through his vast murals, where geography, geometry and architecture align to immerse you fully in the multi-dimensional mind of the artist. With site-specific projects such as the Ghost Village in Scotland, Morning Dynamics at Art Basel in Hong Kong and a gallery career spanning over 35 years in many international cities, Remi Rough is building his own legacy, cementing himself as an innovator in the UK and global art scene.

The Remi Rough x Haig Club Limited Edition bottle has just been released, so go go go! There are only a very limited number up for grabs on

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