Proto Tables

+Halle introduces the Proto Tables, designed by Nick Ross.

The Proto series launched in 2019 with a range of furniture for seating. With the latest addition to the series, +Halle have created matching tables with the same kind of sculpted aesthetic that has become a prized trademark for the Proto collection. The tables are based on the same architectural principle, and the design process has once again been led by the Scottish-Swedish designer Nick Ross.

The tables are made in oak, with the soft pebble like tops in solid wood. The tapered edge gives an added sense of tactility, especially on the smaller tables where the user has a much closer interaction – for example when pulling the table closer to be used as a laptop table.

The Proto series are created for larger, open public spaces where there’s a need for seclusion. With the current Covid-19 situation in mind, we are going to see a rise in demand for engaging settings that allow intimate social interaction not limited to confined spaces such as small meeting rooms. When the world opens up again in the near future and we return to public spaces and offices, they need to be even better suited to us than they were before.

True to the philosophy of +Halle Proto is designed with longevity in mind. With unlimited possibilities from the modular design concept behind the series, the Proto collection is created for both privacy and inclusivity. In other words: Basic human needs, not dependant on the latest trends.

This also plays well with Nick Ross’ own approach to design. He doesn’t necessarily look for inspiration in things or phenomena that surround him in the present day. Rather the opposite. It’s about removing the noise to go back to basics:

“I’m very interested in early human history, and the way we tried to organize ourselves and our surroundings. My work derives from an attempt to try and understand our core human needs, working with what could be seen as a more primal form language which we can understand on a deeper level.”

The Proto tables come in a range of different finishes, colours and sizes, and are available now.

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