Serhii Makhno, from Makhno Studio in Ukraine, created this family home and called it Shkrub. The style of the house is woven from memories of Japan and the dreams of a real Ukrainian house — spacious and bright, filled with ceramics and memory, wrapped in love. Shkrub was built in the contemporary Ukrainian style and became the embodiment of everything native and traditional.

Then there was a garden. Serhii wanted to have his own cherry orchard near the house to talk to the trees, listen to the bees buzzing and remember his childhood. Thus, Japanese maples and cherry trees met traditional Ukrainian zoomorphic pottery and contemporary art.

The land generously accepted 250 tons of stones arranged traditionally as in Japanese gardens — where it is believed that the stone itself must choose where to lie. So the wasteland disappeared and the birds chirped.

Give the lanes your quiet steps

Listen to the dews tickling your feet

Somewhere among the twigs, there is peace

There is beauty somewhere amid the trees

More than 200 inhabitants of the garden wake up with the first sunbeams: rhododendron, sakura, Japanese maples, firs, thuja, hydrangeas, and their relatives. Under the trees, there is an artificial lake with carps and turtle Vira.

Every resident has their own laws and rules. Together they are one ecosystem that feeds the body and spirit.

As it gets colder, the trees give way to ceramic heroes — their time has come.

Ceramic heads DUMA resonate with heroes that no one has seen before — they are hidden somewhere between the bushes. Autumn sways the water in the lake.

Nothing better describes a winter garden than silence.

Everything falls asleep to wake up next spring.

Photography by Serhii Kadulin

Architecture & Design by Makhno Studio

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