One Night in Benidorm

ONE NIGHT IN BENIDORM documents a single night out in Benidorm, a Spanish resort that’s a mecca for working class Brits looking for a cheap holiday in the sun, with thousands making the journey each year.

The main hub of nightlife consists of one main strip, which houses numerous clubs and pubs. The local entertainment is mostly tribute acts, of varying quality, and karaoke sung with drunken gusto.

These free venues are packed most evenings; young people on the pull mingle with pensioners on mobility scooters, their camaraderie fuelled by cheap alcohol. No dress code is required; you could be dressed as a banana, it really doesn’t matter.

It’s a rite of passage for many Brits about to embark on married life, with the revelry witnessed by a generation of older onlookers. Although much maligned, it turns out it’s actually a very inclusive and accepting place. The project was realised as a limited edition printed tabloid newspaper. 

HENRY/BRAGG are artists Julie Henry and Debbie Bragg, working across photography, film and social engagement. They highlight subject matters that mean a great deal to them, such as the erosion and reappropriation of working class culture, often focusing British leisure pursuits.

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